Your sales people DO get it, but...

what they may NOT get is how to effectively use overly complex and portfolio-centric content that isn’t customer-ready. 

The market is evolving from sales support collateral to sales enablement solutions that provide client-facing teams with
content and tools to enable improved sales conversations and increased sales productivity. 

n-tara’s approach to sales enablement is grounded in three principles - Visual, Informed and Collaborative, or “VIC”.

  1. Compelling Visual content that simplifies complexity
  2. An enabling framework for Informed messages that are timely, relevant and in the context of the customer
  3. Intelligent tools that encourage non-linear, Collaborative discussions. 

Our visual, informed and collaborative approach results in productive customer dialogues we call
enlightened conversations’

n-tara has designed sales enablement solutions for companies with varying go to market strategies, selling diverse
solutions to multiple industries and geographies.  Our clients have demonstrated real, measurable results, including:

  •   59% decrease in the average sales cycle
  •   $205M in new revenue 

Resulting from 10 years of hands-on experience with sales enablement, we’ve assembled common challenges that
marketing, portfolio and sales organizations encounter, and a set of best practices that will help your sales
force GET IT.

Your guide to sales enablement